Let’s turn your old EPS into new EPS

For too long too much EPS has been incinerated, leading to unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions and waste. Not anymore. We collect your EPS-waste, recycle it and use it to make new EPS.

Our customers include:

Construction sites

Recycling centers

The fish industry

Consumer electronics

Processing plants


How it works

Put the EPS in transparent bags. If you don’t have any, we can supply you with Use-ReUse bags.

If you have a compactor we are happy to collect the compacted EPS.

Mail to or call +46 706 152 975 when two or more bags are filled or when you have enough compacted EPS, and we’ll collect it.


  • The EPS should be clean and no other materials, such as wood or metal, are allowed in the sacks
  • The EPS can not contain graphite or be mouldy
  • The EPS should be packed in transparent bags or BEWI woven recycling bags, which can be ordered from us
  • Inform us in advance if the EPS comes from construction/demolition/renovation, so we can make sure that it’s recyclable

Close the loop

Use-ReUse is an initiative from the BEWI. We manage the entire chain from raw material to finished products. We collect EPS waste and compress it, extrude it into pellets and turn the pellets into raw material that can be processed. We have closed the loop.

Our division BEWI Circular already recycles several thousands tons of EPS and have an even bigger collection target for the coming years.

Through Use-reUse we collect and recycle EPS from the EPS-industry, customers and end-users.

This is just the beginning of a more sustainable way of working. We will lead the change.


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98% air, 100% recyclable

EPS is also known as styrofoam or polystyrene. It’s used for packaging, insulation, protective layers in bike helmets, fishboxes and much, much more. It’s made of 98% air and 100% recyclable. This is where Use-ReUse comes in. By collecting and recycling EPS we lessen its impact on nature and shape a more sustainable future.

Our Challenge
Enviromental concerns are on the rise. People in general and in the industry do not know that it is possible to recycle EPS. Our challenge lies in creating awareness about this and in explaining that recycling EPS leads to less emissions, no additional waste in nature and a better utilization of resources. That EPS itself is a good choice if handled properly.
What Makes it Works
People in general are wary of using plastics, largely because bad waste management allows the plastic product to end up in the ocean and in the environment. But also because of the implicit connection to the oil industry. By collecting EPS we avoid leaving waste in the wrong places and find an opportunity to reuse old EPS to make new recycled EPS. Instead of pumping up more oil.