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Some say styrofoam, or polystyrene, we say EPS. It is used in packaging, as insulation and much more. By collecting and recycling EPS, we reduce its impact on the oceans and nature. In this way, we create a more sustainable future. Plus, it’s easy. We can pick up your EPS or you can compact it yourself and get paid. We produce new EPS from your EPS waste. Our offer also includes foil and cardboard, together with compactors and presses, which makes us a complete supplier. Together, we develop the most advantageous waste solution with regard to the environment and economy for you.


Our customers include:

Construction sites

Consumer electronics

Recycling centers

Processing plants

The fish industry


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Together, we find a solution that fit to your needs, whether it is EPS, foil, cardboard or a complete solution for your waste. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you shortly, or give us a call today.

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Closing the loop

Use-ReUse is an initiative from BEWI. We control the entire chain from raw materials to finished products. We collect used EPS and compress it, extrude it into pellets, which are used as raw materials in production. The circle closes, the cycle spins. Our initiative includes a holistic approach to companies’ waste needs in EPS, foil and cardboard. By combining several fractions, transport needs are reduced, which means a benefit for both the environment and the economy.

Our division BEWI Circular already recycles several thousands tons of EPS and have an even bigger collection target for the coming years.

Through Use – ReUse, we collect and recycle waste from the EPS industry, customers and end users.

This is just the beginning of a more sustainable process. We have decided to lead the change in the industry.

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We can pick up according to a given schedule or according to your conditions, contact us, circular@bewi.com or +46 706 152 975 for more information.


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